​​​​Welcome to Blossom PMU studio! Are you ready to have the most amazing experience ever?  

With my signature color selection, brow and eyeliner mapping you'll see first hand how I create a look that suits you best. No brow stencils here because we are unique individuals who have a look of our own. You're going to learn a ton about color theory and why brows turn colors. We don't like funky colored brows here so we'll talk about your undertones and what color range goes best with them. You even get to have the final color selection after seeing them right on your skin! You get to be involved in the entire process!

My Commitment To You

While nobody has perfect facial symmetry, I will concentrate on getting brows as even as possible and will not start the procedure until you are completely satisfied with the shape and color selected. I also guarantee my work! Since I know the skin so well, I'll know if I could have implanted more pigment into the skin but I'll also know if you messed it up. But why would you want to do that? I'll go over your aftercare carefully and give you everything you need to care for your beautiful new cosmetic tattoo. So good right? Healed results vary from person to person. Certain medications, sun exposure, anti-aging regime and skin conditions can alter the retention and longevity of your permanent makeup. IMPORTANT TO NOTE! Your face has muscles which give you character. Those muscles create your "judgy brow" (a higher one) and no miracle short of Botox or plastic surgery will fix it. Embrace your unique character and rock your natural shape just as it is. Don't expect perfectionism because your face isn't perfectly even. 


  Will my permanent makeup fade over time?

Yes, permanent makeup pigments are formulated to be soft and natural. Gradual fading allows adjustments to be made as trends change and as we age. This is why we don't use tattoo ink on the face. It's much too harsh and doesn't age well. However, Diamond Ink uses the very best pigments on the market which have true staying power. 

  Does it hurt?

While I do my best to keep you comfortable at all times by using topical anesthetics throughout your procedure, there are some people with a very low pain tolerance and just applying topical anesthetic doesn't work for them. See also "Does Cosmetic Tattooing Hurt?"

 What if I need a touch up?

If you have never had your eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed by me, you are a new client. There are many factors to consider when working over someone else's work like what pigment line did they use and how will it blend with my pigment line. Brow corrections are one of my specialties and I will do my very best to fix bad work. 

  Is it safe?

I am fully trained in two pigment lines; LI and Permablend; both are trusted brands with no known allergies reported. I follow the same strict sanitation guidelines that Doctors and Hospitals follow. I maintain a current blood borne pathogen certification specifically for body art, and in accordance with the Weber County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control. The supplies I use are 100% disposable and I never use latex. Each setup tray is properly disposed after each procedure and area is cleaned and sanitized between each client and before a new treatment setup to ensure my clients safety as well as my own. The possibility  that you would have any allergies reactions or complications from these procedures is very rare. It is very important for you to follow the aftercare instructions provided to you. 

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